Give Us Our Daily Bread

9th – 10th August


Tudor Farming at Chiltern Open Air Museum


The year is 1585 and the community are hopeful of a good harvest.


Come and enjoy a family day back in time to see how the Tudor farming community worked.


There will be themed, timed events where the public can join in being hired for the farms. Any man woman or child would have had a job to do!


  • Watch and help the women making balms to calm the blisters and sunburn of the workers in the field.
  • Meet the Reeve, the farmers and the hired hands throughout the day and talk to them about their work.
  • Help the farmers with their daily chores in the field or barn.
  • Make corn twists, scythe and help with the taking in of crops.
  • Watch the women clean the barns and prepare meals for the workers and in celebration of the harvest.
  • Take part in games to design your own Elizabethan farm.
  • Visit our Tudor building, Arborfield Barn and see traditional Tudor farming tools.


We regret that we cannot accept Tesco Clubcard or O2 vouchers during this Major Event.