Give Us Our Daily Bread

15th – 16th August


Tudor Farming EventLiving-history-Tudor-farming-600px


The year is 1585 and the community are hopeful of a good harvest.


Come and enjoy a family day back in time to see how the Tudor farming community worked.



  • Watch the preparations for Tudor meals
  • Help the women making balms to calm the blisters and sunburn of the workers in the field
  • Meet the Reeve, the farmers and the hired hands throughout the day and help them with their work
  • Attend the Village Green Hiring Fair in the hope of being chosen to work on the farm
  • Hear all about the work on a Tudor farm in our traditional threshing barn
  • Help with the harvest in the rye fields
  • Visit our Tudor building, Arborfield Barn and try out some Tudor games
  • Play traditional games on the Village Green