Amersham Prefab


Postwar housing

  • There was a housing shortage after the Second World War, and prefabricated temporary bungalows (“prefabs”) were one solution.
  • 160,000 prefabs were made in the late 1940s. They were only intended to be used for 10 years – but many were still lived in up to the 70s.
  • The Prefab at the Museum was one of 46 on the Finch Lane Estate in Amersham.  It is a Universal House Mark 3 design and was made by a company in Rickmansworth.
  • The Museum is in contact with the Brant family who lived there from 1948 – some of their family photos are on the mantelpiece.
  • The prefab has been used for filming various television programs including Call the Midwife.

Things to do:

  • Take a trip back in time to 1950 and reminisce
  • Play with the pinball machine and other toys in the children’s bedroom
  • Enjoy the lovely garden – don’t miss Anderson Shelter used as a garden shed


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