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Christmas Fundraising Appeal

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An invite to act like landed gentry…

Have you ever wondered why carol singers go house-to-house or where the expression ‘umble pie’ comes from?

This year, we’d like to invite you to act like the landed gentry.
Turkey wasn’t around in medieval times and the choice of the rich was goose or, in the country, deer. Lords and Ladies would eat the best parts of the deer and might pass what was left to the poor. The deer’s heart, liver, tongue, feet, ears and brains were known as the  ‘umbles’ and  made into a pie, hence the origin of our modern day expression ‘eating humble pie’.

So this year, please will you consider leaving your ‘umbles’ to the Museum and making a small donation to help us keep history alive.

This year the average amount each household is expected to spend on Christmas is £822. It costs us around £1000 a day to run the museum.

You can give online easily here or drop a Cheque into the office.

We have a packed 2015 season with terrific special events for visitors, thatching projects for our historic stables and cottages, new features in our working farm and exciting new literacy workshops for schools so we humbly ask for your support in making these happen. Thank you so much for all your support in making the museum a success.

By the way, in case you were wondering about the carol singers, they were thrown out of churches for disrupting the services, as they took their caroling literally, singing and dancing in circles.

As a thank you for your gift and for all your wonderful support this year, here are the staff of Chiltern Open Air Museum singing just for you….

On behalf of the Chiltern Open Air Museum Team I would like to wish you a very merry Christmas.