Learn about medieval England in this fun living history event

29th – 30th July

Medieval England living history event

An exciting medieval re-enactment event that is part of the Festival of Archaeology

Visit the encampment, meet costumed re-enactors and enjoy the living history as you learn about life in medieval England.

Meet the costumed re-enactors and learn about life in a noble household in medieval England

  • Watch knights in combat
  • Meet the soldiers, longbowmen, crossbowmen, men-at-arms and mighty armoured knights
  • Try on a knight’s helmet and feel the weight of a broadsword for an unforgettable glimpse into medieval life
  • Join in with our Knights’ School (ages 5 – 11, restricted numbers apply)
  • Watch a demonstration of medieval sword-fighting techniques and training then cheer for your chosen knight as, armed from head to foot, he takes to the field to battle for honor and glory in the tournament!

Please be aware that all activities are subject to change and weather.

Standard admission prices apply. Free entry for Annual Pass holders.

This event is part of the national Festival of Archaeology.

Festival of Archaeology