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Young Volunteers’ Club provides fun, meaningful opportunities for 10 – 16 year olds to make a difference at the Museum

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Our Young Volunteer sessions are led by friendly, experienced leaders who are DBS checked. New members are always very welcome but applying in advance is essential, so that we have appropriate parent/guardian contact details.  Please contact the Museum Office on 01494 871 117 or for further information or to join the club.

Young Volunteers Dates

4th August: Our favourite time of the year has arrived and lots of families will be visiting the Museum in August to enjoy an exciting day out. To support that, we will make a fun spotter trail for kids to follow when coming to the Museum during the summer holidays! There are lots of interesting bugs and critters roaming around the Museum grounds and we will use photographs of them to make markers and find some information about them as well to go on a trail sheet. There will be research, cutting, fastening and some woodwork involved, so, put on your zoologist hat and let’s get creative!

1st & 29th September: Have you seen the “Toy Room” in our fantastic Prefab? Well, it needs some TLC so let’s get started! We will have a look at toys and games from the post-war era and find out how kids lived and decorated their rooms in those days to come up with a concept to redo the exhibition and fun hands-on experience that our young visitors love so much. There is a lot to do so this will take two sessions to complete – We can do it! And you can show off your work whenever you visit the Museum after that…

27th October (+Sleepover!): This is the day just after our fantastic Halloween Spectacular Event and we will all get together to make sure the Museum is returned to its usual splendor! This is the last meeting of the year and it is a little different because Halloween is such a huge event which requires all hands on deck. But once the day’s work is done we invite you to stay over and spend the night camping in our Iron Age house, sitting around the fire, eating marshmallows while telling some spooky stories! (parental support would be very welcome)

All sessions are from 13:00 – 16:00 apart from the sleepover on the 27th October which will start at 14:00 end at 9:00 the following morning. We think these sessions will be fun and rewarding, you will support our work massively and we hope that you like our ideas! All the projects are vital for our visitor experience and can’t be done without your help so please sign up – and earn the bragging rights!

Before your first session please make sure to arrive at the Ticket Office 30 – 15 min before 13:00 to sign the necessary parental consent forms. We ask for a small donation of £3 for each session to cover refreshments and supplies.

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