Historic Buildings

Historic Buildings at COAM

Historic buildings at COAM

At the heart of Chiltern Open Air Museum is our mission to rescue threatened historic buildings from the Chilterns and to preserve them for future generations. We have re-erected 35 rescued buildings to date, spanning 2,000 years of Chilterns architecture and including a reconstructed Iron Age roundhouse, built using data from an archaeological dig near Dunstable, and Medieval and Tudor barns.  The Museum’s Victorian buildings include a working Victorian farm, toll house and forge, a tin chapel, vicarage room and newly-rebuilt wychert cottage.  From more modern times, our collection includes a 1940s Prefab, Nissen Hut and a Furniture Factory from High Wycombe.


15 buildings still remain in store, awaiting funds for their re-erection.  These include a number of medieval timber-framed dwellings as well as Maple Cross Studios, the iconic recording studio owned by Jack Jackson (the ‘Father of DJs’) and used by iconic recording artists including Motorhead, Elton John, Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury and many more. Chiltern Open Air Museum plans to rebuild this unique piece of history alongside the rest of its collection of unique vernacular architecture from the Chilterns.