Haddenham Croft Cottage


Our Haddenham wychert cottage is now completed

Haddenham Heritage Fusion was a very special project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund Your Heritage programme from 2013-2014. The grant enabled us to fund a Community Learning Officer to get the  local community involved with Haddenham Croft Cottage.

During the project

  • 70 volunteers learnt historic building techniques and our 2014 visitors helped build a traditional wychert wall.
  • 7 community groups from all nationalities joined in the project, sharing their own skills in return.
  • 2 historically inspired handcrafted quilts involving no less than 13 quilting groups.
  • 2 celebrations with over 120 community members including the original cottage owners.
  • 2 Bay City roller posters, 1 historic smelling washing line, 1 historic settle, 2 antique pillow cases were just a few of the artifacts donated and acquired by the local community.


Patchwork and Quilting Group outside Haddenham CottageGirl outside Haddenham Croft Cottage

About the Cottage

The cottage was originally built in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, in the 1830s.  The walls are made of a special type of local earth called wychert.

The cottage was at risk of demolition in the 1970s because it didn’t comply with modern building regulations.  It was saved and brought to the Museum, but was in store for many years as we didn’t have sufficient funding to put it back up.  Rebuilding started thirty years later in 2007.


Haddenham Croft Cottage  Buildings Volunteer working on Haddeham Croft Cottage



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