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Donate to our charity

We are an independent museum and receive no regular local or national financial support, we have to raise all our own income and pay our own bills, maintain our buildings and stay open. The running costs of the Museum are over £1000 a day.

The current Covid-19 situation is a very worrying time for the Museum. If you would like to support us during this challenging time and help us protect the Museum and the conservation work that has been carried out over the last 40 years then please consider making a donation or buying an Annual Pass.

Donate Now

A regular gift would be a special help to us

If you can help, please make a one-off or regular donation online.  Alternatively, you can contact Gill on for information on other ways to donate.

What your gift could do for us :

  • £10 could buy feed for our animals for a day
  • £50 could buy compost for our beautiful traditional gardens
  • £100 could buy new toys and games for visitors to enjoy
  • £500 could purchase a traditional Bucks gate
  • £1000 could buy essential batteries for our electric scooters used by visitors with disabilities

Thank you so much

“People often tell me that Chiltern Open Air Museum is their favourite place. If it is one of your favourite places please do consider making a regular financial contribution to our vision of keeping Chiltern landscape, architecture and skills alive.”  Verena Clark, Museum Chair.

Chiltern Open Air Museum is a registered charity (no.272381)

Fundraising Regulator Badge COAM


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