The Museum is currently closed for the winter until 1st April, 2017.

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Ransomes threshing machine

The Ansome Ransome

Pink Percy the Thresher The day was cool the sun was bright When Keith came thundering up the site Upon the Fordson clean and blue It shone, it gleamed, it looked like new!   Out of the Mill up to the Farm (Trying not to do much harm) Into the yard no bumps or squeals-

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Goats at Chiltern Open Air Museum

December on the COAM farm

Although the Museum was closed to visitors much of December, it was not a quiet month on the farm – far from it! Like the rest of the Museum, the farm can usually enjoy some respite during the winter months, taking the opportunity to catch up with outstanding tasks, do some housekeeping and plan and

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side of folding cabin

How to fold a cabin

The building team have just returned from a tough two weeks dismantling not one, but two buildings – another Nissen hut, this one to hopefully be used by catering, and a folding portable cabin, to be used by the Education team. The Nissen Hut The Nissen hut came apart willingly enough – starting with prising

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2017 New Year’s Resolutions

The end of a calendar year is often a convenient time to reflect and review your progress, and set New Year’s resolutions, if you are so inclined! Here are 6 things that I think the Museum should be proud of from last year: The number of people visiting the Museum each year has risen again,

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